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Sunday, November 15, 2009; 12:50 AM
Oppa, stays healthy for me please..

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So what if my Tabi smokes? It's really not a good thing to hear but who cares. It's his life and he's big enough to choose what's good and what's not. Oppa, hope that u'll stays healthy. Maybe that explains how you've got that husky sexy deep voice ^^ oh ok. It's natural. But oppa, don't smoke too much. I'm afraid u'll get sick :(

U can see TOP smoking around 1.43-1.47. The video is funny though. Loves to see oppa being dorky as always ^^. Gaho and Boss are playing around. I wanna see Charlie. If i have a pet, i will name it Charlie. Haha. Thinking on buying a hamster. Or a guinea pig maybe. For those who didn't know, Gaho is GD's puppy and Boss is YB's. TOP has a puppy too and its name is Charlie. Gwiyeoweo ^__^ Maybe Top felt a little left out seeing GD and YB have their own puppy so he decides to have one. :)

Charlie :)

Boss and Gaho.

See, Charlie is the cutest among others ^^. Now im wondering who will join them after this. Is it Seungri? Or Daedae?

Saranghae-yo TOP oppa~

Friday, November 6, 2009; 1:34 AM
f(x)'s Chocolate Love English Cover.

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Guys i know i've been talking too much about TOP oppa and before i look like a girl that is disgustingly obsessed to him, let me clear the air by talking about another KPOP group. *did i use the sentence 'clear the air' correctly?* Duh i need someone to guide my English so i can feel confident. -__-'

According to the title above, (now i feel like a school girl writing her formal letter) i wanna share something about one of my fav girl group, f(x). It's not about f(x) actually. Haha. It's about JD Relic who did the cover of f(x)'s Chocolate Love. It's awesome and you guys have to listen to it. JD did the Amber's part while the other is done by the lady singer. JD is a producer (i think) and he made all the cover song for the lady to sing. I think the lady's name is Ashilia. Ok here's the video.

Wanna listen to JD more? Here's another video :) He is just great. If i didn't know that it is only a cover version, i would believe it is GD's original english version of Heartbreaker. haha

I just followed his tweet and ask him for BigBang's english cover ^__^ I know they have English version for many of their songs but not for Haru Haru. :( Anyway, let's subscribe to him and follow his tweet :) This guy is super talented ^^

Can't wait for f(x)'s new single, Chu. I love the teaser already. The choreography is cute and so is Sulli ^_____^

; 1:02 AM

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I watched this video few months ago and now the trailer of "19" finally released. Yay! I can't wait for the movie. ^___^

Thursday, November 5, 2009; 10:56 AM
Wish i was there too :'(

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My super hot TOP oppa celebrated his birthday yesterday. He turned 22 which is by Korean, it is considered to be 23. I dont know why because im so new in learning about Korean. Haha. Can't believe that he is younger than my boyfriend XD Maybe because of his matured look.

His dongsengs were working hard on decorating the cake. The cake looks funny but cute like oppa ^^ Haha. Last but not least, the picture of him celebrating his birthday.

His name in Japanese "Toppu" wrote there.
I dont know but i read one of reader's comment :P

Saengil chukha hamnida TOP ^__^

Again, lets give credit to allkpop for giving us the fastest and reliable info on KPOP :)

; 2:24 AM
Oppa! You are so damn hot ^^

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Have you guys seen it already? Haha. Im all flattered just by looking at these pictures of TOP oppa in allkpop. He is really really really... OMO what im gonna say? No word to describe XD

See for yourself. But beware! Do not click to enlarge or you'll faint because of his hotness. :P

The eyes that could kill. haha

The rest of the member should not be forgotten. :D

Those are pictures for their Japanese single release. There are three singles by now which is been playing in my blog, Koe Wo Kikasete/Let Me Hear Your Voice, the acoustic version of Koe Wo Kikasete and another one which is Ora Yeah!. I love the Ora Yeah! cuz it is so catchy and i feel like dancing along XP

Nah. The video for you guys.

Daesung and TOP playing with rubber chicken. The expression of Daesung is funnier hahaha. TOP oppa is so cute when saying

"He's the one that does all the weird things,
but in front of the camera, Im the one
that ends up doing it."

Aww. So sweet of him for always trying to make his dongsengs laughs :')

Tuesday, November 3, 2009; 11:00 PM
Annyong Haseyo! ^__^

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Hello earthling! am so excited on publishing this new blog which is all about my addiction to JPOP and KPOP and many other things. I've been in love with JPOP since school and now it goes the same to KPOP. And i know it's kinda weird when i say that i love Korean because i used to avoid from listening or watching to any song, drama or movie by Korean because i think Japanese is way better than them. Haha. But now i have to admit that i listen to KPOP more than JPOP :P Thanks to Nzyrh anyway because i read her blog and discovered many things about KPOP. OMG i never felt like this before. Haha. Being so obsesed on one thing and explore about it everyday. Luckily im on my holiday :D

The first idol group i knew was Wondergirl and i discovered them from Nzyrh's blog. I've been curious on WG touring to US with Jonas Brother and i was like, what's so good about WG anyway? I tried to listen to one of their song which is 'Nobody' and i feel like repeating it over and over. And i fall in love with WG as easy as that:D

That was 5 month ago and now i'm a BigBang fanatic! am so in love with TOP oppa ^^ I keep on googling about him everyday and there are so many fact about him that makes me fall for him more and more and more ^_____^

And this blog is officially published on TOP oppa's birthday which is 4th November. :P

OPPA! Saranghae-yo ♥