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Sunday, December 20, 2009; 10:55 AM
Sunday Morning

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T.O.P oppa! I'm addicted to this smile!! XD

Oppa. As you know, i'm counting days to continue my degree. And you clearly know how excited i am as u see my eagerness every night when we have our soft talk. Don't forget the promised u have made if i able to get an A in my 3rd language subject which is Korean. I'm hoping for a big yet romantic surprise. I'm not studying for the surprises. I just want it to be easy for us to communicate as i see ur Malay lang are so awful. I know how hard u'd try and how u're dying to please me, but oppa, it is just too funny too hear. Just keep trying oppa, you are cute at being funny and that is one of the reason why i love you :)

Hahaha. Ok enough. I love to dream and i am sure that everyone does. Urggh. I can't wait to continue studying. I want to give it all out and study harder. No more procrastinating. Oppa, wish me luck and cheer me up whenever i get stress ok?

My friend told me that UiTM has offered many option for our 3rd language subject. And it includes Korean as well. I must take the advantage that i love to listen to Korean song and i have been familiar with some of the words. It might be easier for me to score. As what my friend said, "Minat itu penting" (oppa, i will translate it to u later). It is like, if i take Mandarin, it will not be an exciting subject for me to learn. It is funny when i sing Korean song, i used i googled the word to know the meaning. See how much i wanted to learn them. It is the opportunity i must grab :)

Ok for now. Oppa is calling for me to help him making lunch. Byebye :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009; 1:48 AM
They give me a G.O.O.D Love :)

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Even many of you say this song is not catchy enough as Oh Yeah, i still love it! :D The music video are just random. I expect more i mean a real music video :( but it is ok though. Their live performance for G.O.O.D Luv is awesome. :)

Flattered over the leader, Seungho's new hair style. He and GO's appearance looks younger than the time they first debuted. I don't know why people claimed GO's face looks like an old man. I think he got a look. Every member of this rookie group have a good look. And I think everyone except JOON, ehem, i repeat, my dearest JOON, changes their hairstyle. MIR got his brown hair back and Thunder got perm, maybe. And his hair grew longer.

Did they use the same outfit from Oh Yeah! music video? OMO OMO. I craved over what Joon's wearing. It's a cardigan i think. I wanna have one with exactly the same pattern. I found the picture of it while stalking browsing through Joon's picture. Who has the same feeling as me about the cardi? I looooove the colour's combination and so the pattern.

OMO! can't help myself.

Friday, December 11, 2009; 2:30 AM
Letter to my heart stealer.

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Oppa, im starting to like Joon more and more. And it's all your fault. Please stop with the kissing thing i hate it. For now, i have Joon as my phone's wallpaper and even the screen saver. He's the savior of my brokenheart. You are Edward, Joon is Jacob and I am Bella. And whatever it is, Bella still want Edward as how i want you. But oppa, do you mind to share some space with Joon? He's hot! :D