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Sunday, February 13, 2011; 8:05 PM
Oh I Miss This Blog :)

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Hello there! :)

It's been a while i've been neglecting my baby here. I was so attached with my old blog that i feel like I want to update everything there. Teehee. So today i wanna share something old and something I've been waiting for. First thing first. Check out this video;

Yes! It's our sweetie cutie pie IU! I love her and the love towards her is growing and still growing. Hihii. I've seen this video quite a long time a go when MBLAQ were still not existed. HAHA. So when i bumped again to this video while checking on random kpop videos on Youtube, i was like "Eh wasn't that Thunder from MBLAQ? OMO OMO it was him before he debuted." Ok i'm not really a big fan of Thunder because, out of all MBLAQ's member, I am Lee Joon-biased :P It's just that, you knoww, how you feel when u see something u saw a long time before but you- oh never mind. Skip that. I dont know how to explain. HAHA

Ok. The second thing is, this teaser of Dalmatian's new song. I can't wait for their comeback. They've made such an achievement during their debut days with their Round 1. Talented rookie group. I love them ;)

But the thing is, I'm dying for Big Bang's comeback. Why are they taking so long? Please YG.. make it faster T______T